Are you confused about  Yin – Yang energy?
Yes, it can get overwhelming.
Remember, EVERYONE is Androgynous. WE ALL have both, Yin and Yang expressions in us.
Still, while we are learning about polarity and differences, this “Yin Yang For Love” guide will help you get clear.

Download it HERE and let me know how do you see yourself, when it comes to Love exchange.

I am biologically more Yin, all feelingy, all over the place with my mind, happy, radiant, glowing…

But, as many other women, in the young age, I was “trained” to be Yang – to protect myself, to do good, to give, to compete, to not cry, to be rational.
That reflected in relationships – I was more interested in providing for men, giving to them, taking care of their feelings, not receiving, not glowing… which turned into unhappiness, nagging, frustration and break ups.

Then – I re-trained myself to be Yin. To receive. To feel good. To take care of myself first. To relax. To love and appreciate men for who they are, not for what I can do for them 🙂

If this fascinates you, make sure you grab my “I love men”  five series video course. Yin-Yang is deeply explained in video #2 and I certainly want to hear about your experience.

Again – Your  cheat sheet and Yin-Yang Guide is here.
Your 5 series video course is here.

Share your experience and let the conversation begin!

Much love,
Helena Summer