In Croatia, we compare everything to food. Even love. Ie. when you are flirting with someone, we call it “secerenje” or “sugaring”, putting sugar all over, dipping it into sugar. When you are pursuing someone, we say “I’m cooking her”.  When you fall in love, we say “I’m cooked.”  Why is that?
 Both love and food are nurturing, healthy and Delicious! We all want, enjoy and lighten up at the idea of love and food. A man whistling while doing the dishes is sexy (to me!). A woman wearing only heals and apron is sexy (to most!). Even a smell of freshly made popcorn brings up that certain comforting feeling and makes us want to snuggle and relax.

Dating (and Love) is very similar to making a Chocolate cake.
If you want it to turn out good, you can’t just put sweet sugar, sweet sugar, sweet sugar…

You gotta put some bitter coco powder, some tasteless flower, some weird tasting baking soda, slimy eggs….and you gotta mix it all in the perfect combination, then patiently wait as it’s baking…….if you think your dating can turn into a “perfect” relationship just by adding sweet lovey-dovey stuff, never expecting anything bitter, tasteless and slimy, then my dear, good luck:-)How do you compare Food and Cooking with Love and Dating? 
Feel creative and share your thoughts on it and please do not sattle for any leftovers – junk food or junk life.
Liv Delicious, Luv Delicious and Eat Delicious!