Only some of have “black or white” understanding of the world. The remaining majority prefers to see other colors of the spectrum too. 3/4 are willing to be agreeable, open and forgiving. Yet, many think these qualities are weaknesses. Not so.

Unless you are driven by “my way or a high way” model of life, you actually enjoy getting a second chance. You screw things up, and correct forward. You know that your “evil” deeds are not so evil actually. They are pretty much human. Right?

When it comes to our dates, friends, partners and people in our world, YES, it wold be ideal if they are all perfect from the start.
If Brad Pitt knocks at your door with the rose in his mouth and chocolate in his hands… wearing unbuttoned shirt and… oops…. there is nobody at the door. And that last date you had was just a regular dude, kinda shy and boring….. oh no!!!

Giving “regular people” a second chance can contribute to your happiness. Here is why:

1. It opens YOU up!
Yes. If you know that you will give everyone 2 or 3 chances, then YOU will look for the best in them. You will look for how interesting, funny, honest and maybe a little nervous they are. You will look for the traits that are adorable and kind. It will open you up to that space.

2. It will support your networking
Yes. If he (she) has a friend who could be potential match for you, they are more likely to connect the two of you once they see your main traits – kindness and patience. Same applies in business and in love. Give it a chance.

3. You might get surprised!
According to the research by Helen Fisher PhD, people do not always fall in love with their best match right away. In more than 60% of the cases, they both “grew” into love as conversations got deeper and life values discovered.

Remember a situation when you gave a second chance, and it turn out better than you could imagine? With a job? A boring neighbour who is still your best friend? Maybe a sickly puppy? Or a diet that sounded so weird and scary, but it saved your health?

For me – It’s my husband! He was not “my type” from the get go, but the more we were together, the more qualities I saw in him, the more we connected… and … the rest is history.

Share yours bellow!
Much love,