“The 4 Man Plan” it’s not just fun, clean and simply mathematical way of increasing your chances to find the RIGHT man for you. It’s much more than that. The 4 Man Plan is the way of structuring your entire life!

If you had any dating or relationship “failures”, if you are seriously looking for a committed, long lasting, exclusive relationship, but can’t seem to find a man that is a good match for you – take on THE FOUR MAN PLAN, a Dating Revolution, a book on Romantic Science – yes, the only Dating book that will actually teach you the art of Dating Math!

The author, Cindy Lu did it. If Dating never made sense to you – it will now!
She has been my dating coach, mentor and friend for several years now. The clarity of a 4 Man Plan is what most women lack. If you take on the 4 Man Plan system, your WHOLE life will change, I dare to say.

Does it make sense in connection with Liv Delicious?

Yes. You will start enjoying dating. Enjoying your life (single or not). You will be a better, most desirable date (regardless of your age, looks or status). You will “own” your power and love, respect and meet wonderful men! Yes. This is a guarantee! 100%.
Delicious life is about being alive in every moment. 4 Man Plan is practical, mathematical, step by step process to help you do that when it comes to dating.

Why 4 Men? 

Why not? If you are vivacious, alive, Delicious women, it takes about 3-4 guys to handle you, isn’t it? You are exploring your options, yes. But, you are NOT sleeping around. Dating 4 Men at once and letting them all know your truth and honest intentions, weaves out those who are looking for a hookup or are not sincere.
Dating 4 Men keeps you from being all crazy in “love” checking your phone 17 times a minute to see if he texted and snooping around his FaceBook profile.
Dating 4 Men keeps you grounded.
Dating 4 Men reminds you how attractive you are.
Dating 4 Men gives you a vision into many of them at once.
Dating 4 Men gives them opportunity to man up for you and show up as a sexy Lion that is happy to pursue and take on the challenge.
Dating 4 Men keeps the pressure off of them, so they know you will not go all “wifey” after 2nd date.
Dating 4 Men allows you to experience yourself in different situation and choose grace, harmony, peace and love.

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