Craigslist???? You mean Craigslist, the place where we sell used cars and look for rentals apartment? You can find love there? No way!!! YES WAY. And here is how:

Craigslist’s personals is spammy, hookup, cheesy section? It looks like last place in the Universe to find love. HOWEVER…. it is an amazing place to learn about love, human interaction, practicing your words and be real …. and maybe even even find love?

Check them out. Read books and magazines they read. TV programs for them. Learn how they think and how it is to be in their shoes.

How to to that if you are sitting at home, eating chocolate all day? Gotta go out!
How to go out if you are shy, introverted or afraid? Go on Craigslist

Yup. Create 2 different profiles for yourself.
   a) GOOD GIRL – My first profile was pretty much me. Real age. Truthful, honest, clean, fun. I also added a photo from my trip to Langkawi Island of Malaysia – huge landscape and small tiny 3/4 inch me. Enough to show that I am slim, playful, natural and well-travelled.
  b) BAD GIRL – My second profile is totally NOT me. One year younger. No picture. Only 3 sentences. “My boyfriend just broke up with me. I need to forget it all. 420 friendly”

Be sure to use totally different subject line. One longer and descriptive. The other 1 or 2 words max! Thus, you can compare it easier.

Post them both at the same time, so they appear close to each other on CL. Be sure NOT to post your phone number, name or any personal information. Use CL’s email link, that forwards you messages to your inbox.
Go, have a walk or a dance as emails roll in. Within 12 hrs you will have enough data to study from.

You will get few types of emails, from both profiles.
– Spam – asking you to click here or there, to sell you something or take you to some “shady” place.
– Ghost – people will write with literary one word “Hi” or “DTF” or “Hit me up”, followed by their phone number.
– Copy-Paste – exactly same words, sounding super copy-pasted, or quite slick, you will almost believe that its the real genuine man writing to you. Until you see that the other profile got the exact same email.
– Hardly Working – men will write custom emails, but will clearly sound as if they couldn’t care less

…and then, there will be 1-3% of all the emails you get that are written only to the Good Girl. And about 5-15% written only to the Bad Girl.
Study them.
You can learn so much from them. Demeanor from men, How your positioning (as a good or bad girl) invites them to respond back. Watch for words, phrases and photos they use. What kind of invitations do the y propose. How easy they believe you are.
This is IMPORTANT info – it will help you get into a brain of a Bad Girl’s match, without you having to experience them in person. This is virtual learning. Safe. Simple. 1 or 2 exploratory lessons will be enough.

Maybe. There could be one. I have received about 250 emails per experiment. Depends what day and time you post, so you get to learn that too.
Amongst all of them, you will study everyone, but eliminate those who wrote to a Bad Girl and those who wrote to both girls.
There will be several Good Girl’s suitors. Some will come across as saviors “What’s a Good Girl like you doing on CL???”. Others will judge you “You must be a looser to be here”… and few will be pretty normal.
You might get conversation from it. A date, or two… and maybe even a relationship.

In one of my most successful CL studies (I call it “CL Graduation”). I met four men in person.
– One was young broke architect from Ireland. We had some really good intellectual conversations. And I learned that men talking about his money struggles is a turn off.
– Second was very wealthy 28 year old “retired” detective. We went on a few dates and I didn’t like how kind he was to me and unkind to waiters. Soon enough, I found out that he makes a lot of money in unkind illegal ways. Great learning lesson.
– Third was a world traveller from Europe. He shared his amusing stories and thought me about the “adventurer” every man is, regardless of his age. I respect men more, because I met him.
– Fourth one was a Director of most popular 501c3 non profit organization on the island. A man with amazing life story and huge contribution to the society. After getting to know each other really well (it’s a CL aftera!), we dated for about 2 years. We are still friends.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Get courage and confidence.  Get knowledge and understanding. Get experience…. and Liv Delicious, as always!

QUESTION: Have you ever put a personal ad online or in the papers? Tell me your experience bellow!

Love you!