This is what some of Helena Summer’s clients said about working with her.


“…Four dates scheduled for today…” December 23rd – I’m off work, so I scheduled 4 dates for today, and 2 for next week. I like the combination of spirituality and practical tips. After the mastectomy, I could have never believed that this will be such a gracious journey for me. Thank you.

– Karen Kaufman

Denise Taylor

“I have been accepting dinner/lunch invitations from a few.  But this one treats me like a queen.  I have been out to dinner with him twice.  He always pays…opens the door..wants to help me with my yard work…keeps saying how beautiful I am.  I am just enjoying the moment and letting him earn it.”

– Denise Taylor

“I hope for all of you, especially my sisters, that you meet Helena as well, so she can assist you when it comes to your relationship with men.  Helena, thank you and keep going! “

– Gunhild, Europe


Helena combines her bold and professional skill with EFT to clear deeply painful and limiting energies with a playful call to live a Delicious life. I have experienced her powerful work myself and know that Helena is a perfect coach for anyone who wants to thrive in every way.

– Rick Wilkes –

“She coached my husband! He has completely done 180! Now he is happy joyous person. He is sharing his love and light with everyone now.”

– Shannon Wiggins


We had amazing Halloween! I’m realizing that I have moreeee then enough. I AM soooooo happy I have a warm bed, warmer man (that’s included with the bed). I have never had such unconditionally loving man in my life. That’s something without a price tag, no money can measure the value we have. And guess what? The Wedding is in Europe!

– Jessica & Paul


I took a class on how to write your online dating profile and let me tell you, man, what a difference in the people that I got to respond. It weeded out the time wasters. Just a few slipped through the cracks here and there but for the most part it brought in more quality men. And men that had more of what I was looking for. It really made a difference for me.

– Jane Boutin

“I liked Helena a lot, but I thought her tips were Bullshit. I gave it a try. I made a point to be kind to my husband, listen to him and not roll my eyes… our relationship improved.
For the first time in a long time, I got a little pat on my bootie, going up the stairs the other night. And my husband got me beautiful flowers on our anniversary.
I’m feeling really really positive that I can turn things around and I can make things better.”

– Lindsay


You are insightful and have a loving nature that is contagious.  I felt very “girly” after talking to you. Love your explanation of male brain and the concept of letting them win – me, being the prize. PPV!  I was able to tap into a very real part of me that is so attractive. I  hadn’t been feeling that way before.  And I think I was focussing on my anxiety and issues with him instead of putting that energy back into myself.

– Jenny Stewart


I read something (you wrote to me) to a lady-friend i’m seeing right now, as an example of how to love and honor a man in the most beautiful of ways. Keep being a ray of love and sunshine. Very grateful to have amazing, conscious and loving women like you in my life. Even a tiny sliver of you and your expression is so healing.

– Kevin Kurgansky –

“Men are always been attracted to me, but I have never been able to have a long term relationship. And I never understood why. Helena taught me I have been mothering these men. Because I was making their needs fulfilled so easily, there was no reason for them to want me or need me or to do anything for relationship.
I have learned now how to be a woman, in a different way I ever was before.”

– Burdae Irwing


In my ever searching quest for truth and understanding, I finally get it!! Me, Larry, the kids, my family, everything. What an amazing feeling. Upward from here on. Love, Jen

PS. – I had a major reconciliation with my brother yesterday. So easy, so wonderful. We agreed it is time to be each others best friend and supporter again.

– Jen Jurgensen


You help women realize it is okay to be feminine in this crazy world. You taught me to be a lady, not a tough business woman, in relationships. I closed the door to bad relationships and didn’t realize I opened myself up to finding the right man. We are exclusive, and I will be moving to Maui to be with him. Thank you for helping me open my eyes, my heart and my mind.

– Tricia Evans

“I thought we had good communication, but we also learned better ways to speak to each other and how to receive what the other person is saying. …and the concept of “US”, radder than “I” and “YOU”. I found that very valuable.”

– Ethan Okura


I took your online dating course last fall and within a few months met my amazing boyfriend, after having been single and dating online unsuccessfully for SIX YEARS!

– Danielle Koalani

“Taking your classes has changed my life. It has opened up so many new ways of being. It feels so comfortable and so right.”

– Karen


I did learn something specific when you explained how compatibility is different from attraction which explained why my relationship wasn’t going anywhere in spite of OK Cupid saying we were 99% compatible.

– Harmony Bentosino


So….great chemistry, developing communication, and strong contrast with compatibility – we are compatible, but we are very different from one another.  Not sure how that would translate for the long term. I know that I am smitten and that I already miss him!  …today I will focus on breathing… and staying in the moment… and savoring how this feels. He feels like home to me.

– Andrea Schwab


Instantly rewarded 🙂 I sent love energy his way and cleared the negative stuff  in my head (that had nothing to do with him) and I got a good night email with a beautiful song. Thank you for always setting me on the path of ease. Xoxo

– Stacy Soldokin, California


I have actually been doing really well… it has helped that I have had time to grieve on my own, without worrying about him *too* much. We haven’t been in communication. He is giving me my space and I am very appreciative of that. My heart is at ease with my decision. I am on a bit of a “high” right now, for making such a big step for myself, and ready to embrace the life that I want.

– Steph M.H.

“I’m a mom to this 18 month year boy. Since he was born, I had little issues in my relationship with my husband. Today, I found some new tools, and I really think they will change a lot in how we live and love each other. Thank you”

– Rita


Just wanted to extend my appreciation as feedback on my dating life. I only was able to take one class with you, yet the benefits have been enormous. I am working very hard to transition from my conditioned male energy to what I truly am by nature. It is very enlivening to have this perspective and information that you shared. Thank you, you make a profound difference in simple ways.

– M.B.D. , Hawaii


It is SO true Helena. You have a magic touch. I never knew anyone who could take me from sobbing to hysterically laughing as quickly as you do. You’re the ‘Miracle Worker!’ Much Love.

– Kathie ‘Calli’ Eccard

“After just one session with Helena I feel so much more confident about the relationship with my woman. I got the tools that I needed to talk to my woman and the man in a relationship that I wanted to be. I feel stronger.”

– John


Love  your comment, and so amazing you used those words, “look at you now,” because I just wrote my favorite song ever called, “if you could see me now” referring to my dad who passed away. You are magical that way, being so tuned into people. Thank you for helping to unleash my passion (music).

– Jennifer Galewski


I told my ex-husband what you said about men falling in love when they give. It reminded us of our early history with his gifts. I was so appreciative in the beginning (AND he gave me things I liked). BUT, as we moved forward, I was not as nice about receiving and he became “worse” and “worse” at giving. It is such a good practice for me to receive positively the way you’ve taught me.  It is A LOT to learn and embody and SO worth it.  THANK YOU.

– Regina Veronikat

“It’s so much about the journey, for someone who haven’t dated for a while, it’s ok to learn how to be back in a world in a more authentic way. ”

– Karen Kaufman


I just had to share with you… I haven’t been with another man (intimately) in 30+ years… until last night! I was so nervous (in my head) about how the “first” time would be and I clearly never expected it to be  with a younger man.  I gotta say it was nice…. Can’t believe how life is surprising me! It’s comfortable, exciting and peaceful. Thank you!

– B.P, Divorced


Remember when you told me to date younger men after my divorce? I really didn’t believe someone younger could be interested in me. I’m still surprised by it. I was not looking for anyone, just healing my heart. But lo and behold, man in his 30’s walked into my life unexpectedly. Dear Lord, it feels so good! I enjoy his company! He is easy on the eyes, he makes me laugh! It’s heaven sent!

– S.P, age 50+

testimonials round pictures

“I am just coming home from a top quality date with a top quality man who invited me to private art expo and amazing high standard restaurant. Also other men I am seeing are developing better and better ideas to impress me.
You taught me that over time I am going to attract better men !
Thank you for teaching me so much ! Love you!”

-Natacha, Paris, France

Pic icins - testimonials

“…I’m having fun!” I just like to let you know, I’m having fun!
Two or three days ago I added a second picture to my dating profile. It shows me in a restaurant with other people. At first I had only one picture which shows me hiking in the forest. I went on the dating site just after our class today and I noticed that the messages I had received from men over the last few days have changed, they are more meaningful. This was just one more picture, but it confirms to me what you said today about the importance of having many pictures. I’m looking forward to getting more nice pictures.

– Anne, age 41


“Friend my friend Liv Delicious – Helena Summer (I’m friends with her personal page as well but not sure if she can accept new ones). You’ll learn a lot from her. She’s a relationship coach and she presents tons of free videos and doesn’t have a written blog, she v-logs instead. So, yup lots of positive useful info. and her soul sharing. She’s gorgeous but don’t let that fool you. She grew up in Croatia and survived the massacre there, war torn etc., she’s a survivor on all levels! Check her out! 

– Michelle C. Doiron-Bergeron


“I like my new profile so much!” I worked on my profile yesterday and while I don’t think it’s “fully there,” I liked it so much that I put it up on Match and OK Cupid. Already I’ve had two very nice emails from men–and I expect more, since I’m sure there aren’t very many men “hunting” on Match during the weekend” Helena – thank you (again!) for your guidance. I’m telling all of my girlfriends about you. 🙂

– Andelka, age 26


“I feel huge boost of confidence!” I wanted to thank you for the class today!
I am learning so much about dating and realizing how much I need to re-learn who I am –  and not who I think someone else wants be to be!!
Already, I feel a huge boost of confidence and I am excited to learn more!!

– Breanna, age 32


Your coaching on my profile was miraculous!  I am getting MUCH more interesting responses from much more quality and interesting men.  I’ll write in the FB group, too, but wanted to thank you directly, first.

– Kristen H.


“..Your tips helped my profile…” I appreciate you checking up on us I updated my profile several times on OKCupid . I think that your tips to lure the men in with words and changing pictures often, helped my profile so much. I’m proceeding cautiously and I continued to apply everything that I’ve learned from you including the tips on showing my femininity and allowing him to lead. I really want this to be a happy ending for me.

– Jenny, age 30

Paul McArdie

“Dear Helena, you have always been a great support to me.  Even though my relationship with my girlfriend is difficult, I feel very much in love with her, she loves me too. I will be with her always, there is pure love with her and I and many memories, life is hard but we press on.”

– Paul McArdie

I just wanted to do a SHOUT OUT to my dear friend … YOU …Helena! You inspire me by how much you LOVE others, the desire you have to be better yourself in order to serve others more! Thank you for all that you do for me and for the many who you have drawn into your life by your unconditional LOVE! You are a rockstar in my eyes! LOVE YOU GIRL! Keep up the great work!

-Becky Sampson

“I have done many life coaching sessions with her over the years and I truly would not be the person I am today without Helena’s presence in my life. In 2014 took Helena’s dating classes after dating and being single for five years. Three months after I completed Helena’s training I met Kai, which has been the healthiest, happiest, and most stable relationship I’ve had. She won’t tell you to manifest that prince charming will knock on your door. She is proactive and her training works. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, or just curious about bringing better quality relationships into your life please join me”

– Danielle Patton

One of my personal values is to be the change I want to see in the world. I want to see ethical (society accepted code of conduct) & moral (individuals own principles and values) world. I want to see people standing behind their word. Making mutually pleasant agreements. I want the world that is real. That laughs. That cries. Dances. And gets into seclusion. I want to see the world that uses challenges as opportunities. I am looking at the (wo)man in the mirror and doing my job first, the best that I can. Not perfectly, but consistently.

Success stories on this page are collected according to FTC ethics and Liv Delicious morals. They do not guarantee same results for you. There is no secret promise to “happily ever after” even for those who are featured here.