What to do when things go wrong, as they often do?
When we say something unkind or do something stupid?
REDO IT. And here is how…
Instead of complaining to each other, REDO the scene again. That gives you the option to experience the moment in as many new and different ways as you want.
It’s more fun than nagging.

My fiancé and I were to go for a simple casual walk to Chinatown. He wore sporty gym clothes.
I show up wearing white & gold mini dress, dangly earrings, make up & high heels

LEXI: (frowning) You are going for a walk looking like THIS????
ME: (smiling, “fishing” for compliment instead): Let’s do this again!
I left back to the room and returned right away
LEXI: (exaggerating his words and gestured) Oh my God, you look soooo good!
Are you my woman???

Oh wow, you look so goood! Are you MY woman???

Oh wow, you look so good! Are you MY woman???

He grabbed me, lifted me up, swung me around the room & kissed my make up away. I changed to gym clothes and off we went happily flirtatious.
(Today we tried to capture the moment, and took dramatic replica photo of the event. Double Redo:-)

Your life will be the way you create it. Smart woman chooses a man with high qualities that she can respect (Honest, Loving & Willing man). That kind of a man is a keeper and capable of building something together with her.

Do not mother your man. Invite yourself and your partner to a higher place of fun, connection, understanding and sweetness. Don’t think: “If he loves me, he should know.” Give him an opportunity to give you what you need in a happy way.

No complaining allowed!

PS. What are your experiences of redoing things, replaying actions and correcting forward? Do you talk or play through it? What would you say if your man frowns at your dress up endeavors?