In less than two weeks, I visibly transformed my back fat.

Now, what’s that got to do with Love, Dating or Relationships?


You see, if you are single or married, there is a point of “What’s happening to me? or Why are we fighting all the time? or Why am I still single?”

Those are the moments of little awareness and waking up to consciousness. When we do what’s right for us, what’s in balance and harmony with our heart, mind and we take action under the guidance, transformation happens. It does.

Very often, we need just a little shift, a little nudge, a little direction. Sometimes we need a big ‘ole push, a smack in the face.

Personally, I needed every flavor (and intensity) of each. I bet that you have, too, experienced soft nudges and harsh eye openings alike.

There are 3 blissful lessons in these situations:

1. Whatever happens, somehow, I know that IF I wisely use all the gifts given to me at birth
2. IF I take my life as my friend
3. and IF I get connected to humans I trust and love

…then only good will come from it all. Guaranteed.

So, if you are going through a nudge or a kick in the face ad are ready to wisely use all the gifts given to you at birth and need to connect to a human that you can trust and love, then, I’m your lady.┬áLet’s see if you are the match for my methods. Click the link and let’s get together.

Chin up, boobies out… and smile on your face!
Love you!
Helena Summer