Believe it or not,  although I am a Love Coach, expert in Dating, Relationships, and Love…. I am still, just a regular human. I keep learning.

Lexi, my darling husband is a finite, failable human too. Just like any other man. He screws things up. And HERE Is how he corrects them.

Listen to this 2-minute wisdom and forward it to your man!
This is priceless!

I have been studying Love and Dating from books, coaches and men – heck, went on dates with more than 500 men!

Amongst all, I have chosen a man who is the most willing of all – willing to show up, willing be present, willing to work through challenges (and yes, we too have them, we too hit rough patches) and willing to teach what he knows WORKS!

If you are having challenges in your relationship or dilemmas about dating, REPLY to this email right now and we will have a nice heart to heart conversation about it.

Because it’s possible!

Love from both of us,

Lexi & Helena