Online dating!
Modern, strange, fast, safe, common, weird, but reliable way of meeting hundreds of singles. From e-Harmony to Match, to FaceBook…. all the way to Craigslist (yup! even Craigslist). There are specific formulas and ways to meet people. Effective profile has all the secret ingredients.

For both, Ladies and Gentlemen!
This program will completely reform the way you are seen online, it will upgrade you to a better, more desirable YOU. It will give you online dating confidence for the rest of your life. You will be able to connect with just the right person for you, and create deep meaningful relationship.

This is a complete commitment, practical, hands-on, Masterclass – delivered in six comprehensive lessons:

1. Know (how to present) thyself
We bring out your attractive qualities and uniqueness, which serve as a foundation in your online profile. You will learn what kind of people are your potential match and what are they looking for in your profile. You will increase attraction and maximize your chances.

2. Profile writing workshop – basics
It’s your first impression. Make it right. Catch their attention at the get go! From user name, tagline, photos and essential elements that pop-up your profile. How to filter through profiles, find best ones, and weed out red flags, so they don’t waste your time. Chose right dating site for you.

3. Profile writing workshop – spice it up!
From boring mediocre profile, to shining, outstanding one! How to use humor? How to flirt? How to talk about sex? How to invite them to connect? Create spark and chemistry in your profile, even before you meet.

4. First 3 emails
Now that your profile is awesome, you will write awesome emails too. Became a master in using only 3 emails to get to meet them and don’t get suck into “pen-pal” zone. Invite on a date, or get invited.

5. First 3 dates
How to have a great first meeting (audition), that leads to second, and third….  Learn what you need to do to assure that they want to see you again. How to explore your options with multiple people, in a classy, graceful way, without wasting your time on one person that disappears and leaves you heart broken.

6. Overcoming objections
By now, your profile is generating buzz, emails and dates, and probably some unexpected issues. Learn how to deal with your own objections, your own insecurities, fears and frustrations. And what to say when they complain or behave inappropriately. This is a Q&A, based lesson. We bring out good, bad and ugly, to turn it around.

Everyone will get to write a really cool profile.
There will be ladies and gentlemen in the group, feel the chemistry, practice opening lines, flirt and learn in this safe space. This training is priceless. It will give you real skills and you will be snuggling with someone special for the holidays.


Every Tuesday – October 28th – through December 2nd – 6:30pm  – 8:30pm
Tuesday, Nov 4th – double lesson – Full profile writing workshop – 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Tuesday, Nov 11th – Veterans day – offices will be closed – you will practice what you learned in first 3 lessons)


This is highly comprehensive, personalized and detailed profile writing course. In fact, the only one in the state of Hawaii.
Rock your profile! Find love! Have a partner for Christmast!With all of my love,