This story of my cleaning lady and a husband she wanted to “kill” will refresh your mind and open your heart.

And the MINI CHALLENGE that I’m inviting you into, is something I used to melt my husbands heart.

YES! You are invited!
Let’s get this appreciation, gratitude and love going. Let’s be the change we want to see in our life.
Single or married, this thing works!

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Nikita is a young woman, considering divorce, but getting back together because of their two little children.
SHE: His addiction has been changing since he is doing yoga and mindfulness. It’s wonderful
ME: Great!
SHE: I hope it lasts
ME: Do you want to hear about how it will last?
SHE: Yes, please!
ME: I’ll coach you into a simple strategy. To test it, use it 3x a day, for the rest of the year. Deal?
SHE: Ok, Deal!
ME: Express gratitude. Thank him. Show him that he is winning with you! Men live to win. Their greatest victory is to win YOU.
This is how to do it:– Once a day thank him for something wonderful that he DOES.
(ie. “I love it when you ___________ like this. Thank you” …read to the children, take out the trash, pay all the bills, kiss me, )
– Once a day thank him for something wonderful that he IS
(ie. “I was just bragging to my mom about how strong you are and unafraid of  _______ .”  that big scary mouse, winter, cookies, IRS… you get the picture, right?)
– Once a day thank him for how wonderful YOU feel because of him.
(ie. “You know, I feel safe and happy to be married to you.”
or “How did I get to lucky to have YOU as my boyfriend?”,
or “I am one very satisfied woman. And it’s all your fault 🙂
She smiled saying: “Oh yes, I should thank him more. Last time I did it, he responded so well and I said to myself that I need to do it more often, but then I forgot.
ME: Post-its are your friend.Right? 
Set up a “Man appreciation Timer” to remind you to send him a sexy picture, to say something loving, to reward him for his greatness, or to mention how great he looks with his ninja tool.

It will become a second nature, later on.
But for now, as I always say, WILL yourself to LOVE.

Ok, Missy, off I go!
Much love,
Helena Summer