August 2009, I was “diagnosed” with Malignant Melanoma. Great.  I went for a second opinion. Dr. said the same – Malignant Melanoma. Biopsy on 4 spots, results in a week. 
Great. I survived war in Croatia, but I will die from the cancer in Hawaii?
All I could think about were the words of Paolo Coelho:
“One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

Walking on the beach, I noticed leaves. I noticed rocks. I noticed colors, sounds of the birds. I noticed life. I noticed all that was taken for granted. I noticed beauty in the presence.  How refreshing.

I took myself on a date. Date with Aliveness. Every day, for 8 days. With a scary though of cancer on the back of my mind, I was dating myself lovingly. Doing all the little sweet things I always wanted to do and I didn’t. But hey, if I am going to die, I first what to live (…Liv… no “E” required, no one has it anyway)

One thing is certain – Helena is super fun date!
We went swimming, snorkeling, hiking, dancing, playing Frisbee, cooking, juicing, reading, meditating, climbing trees, gardening. We did EFT, master cleanse, hula, chi-gong & yoga. We laughed, went to theatre, watch sunrises, sun sets and picked up passion fruit. We were present, loving, sweet and kind.

Everything I always wanted to do and didn’t prioritize before, got to the first place – aliveness. Every day was fresher than the other and my mind was ok knowing that “Damn, even if I die, I will have no regrets, for I am alive now!”

Biopsy came out clean. Everything was fine. The spots were just rash. A rash that blessed my life forever.

For, I continued romancing and loving myself. Going to bed early. Reading all the sweet books that my intellect was craving, doing art works, walking barefoot and dancing in the waves. I continued it for the whole month of August. Some of many benefits are:

* Feeling great
* Improved focus, concentration & creativity
* Happy, sweet energy
* More peace, harmony and ability to hear my intuition
* Deep sleep, peaceful spirit, smooth skin

What if you start dating yourself? One date, every day for 30 days? What if you date me? And I take you on one super fun date every day? We date your body, your mind, your spirit – what if we get alive while we are still living?
That’s the best gift. 30 dates in 30 days! Yum!

I will be dating myself and 8 other lucky people this August. If you want to see how it is to date yourself and me at the same time and have amazing fun, put a comment bellow or send me an email. It will be fun!