“Liv Delicious Story”

The “Liv Delicious” is a lifestyle movement. is all about being the change you want to see. Transform your life, before you judge others. Try it yourself before you criticize them for not it. Love before you expect them to love.

I named this whole project “Liv Delicious” , because I wanted to create a happy life for myself. Growing up in a war, being bullied, sad, and scared, my life was bitter, sour and ugly. I wanted different kind of life – Delicious one.

The word “Liv”, on a logo is spelled without an “E”- as a symbolic sign of not being perfect. The missing “E” also reminds us that nobody has “E”. “E” stands for Everything. “E” stands for Easy. Nobody has it easy. Nobody has Everything. At moments, yes. But – Not at the same time, that is. Not all the time.


On the logo, “Delicious” grows out of the open heart, symbolizing what happens when you keep an open heart. Open your heart and write your new story. Thus handwritten Delicious. This logo first came to me in a dream. Now, its here – so… dreams do come true.

Liv Delicious Morals*

*Ethics has to do with social standards; morality is about personal values.

I desire to treat people as kindly, lovingly and respectfully as I possibly can.
“Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from mistakes.”
Being aware of that nature of this world, I humbly write these words, to express my respect, especially when it comes to business, confidentiality and success stories.
Frankly, I became sick of glamorous testimonials, especially in money making industry, that promote the idea of “I made gazillion dollars in 3 days after coaching with xyz guru”.
I myself have made great success in 3 days too. However, the truth was, It was a special launch that got high number of sign-ups in 3 days. But I worked A LOT (for 2 months before) to prepare for it, and I worked A LOT (for 3 months after) to deliver my promise to customers.

Also, In our “Love & Relationship industry”, we prefer magic stories – instant soulmates, amazing connection and luxury sex in a tub filled with champagne… on a second day after we write that profile.
I would love to see that happening with everyone, the truth is that dating, love and relationship is one of the most amusing personal development programs you can take. It requires us to be higher level classy person. It is here to help us practice kindness, compassion, understanding and playfulness. Its here to help us bring our best food forward, then become it!

Some of my clients are exceptionally fulfilled, satisfied and impressed by their results. Some keep practicing, with some frustration and some hope. And others have decided that taking a break is the most mutually healthy next step. But ALL of them, can testify that they felt better after our session. We constantly move energy to higher vibration. Yet, only persistence and dedication can keep the changes expand and grow.
This is real life. There is no magic pill. Not even a unicorn that will bring your Prince Charming and your new photoshoped body. Dammit!

Mathematically speaking, positive reviews and testimonials can influence our decision to purchase (a product) by 63%.
There is no data on how reviews actually influence sales of Coaching services, however, most (if not all) business coaches highly recommend displaying success stories.

I consider myself a professional responsible for protecting my clients and doing no harm. Although I am a Coach, not a counselor, my moral values stand behind ACA Code of Ethics. Standard C.3.b. says: “Counselors who use testimonials do not solicit them from current clients, former clients, or any other persons who may be vulnerable to undue influence. Counselors discuss with clients the implications of and obtain permission for the use of any testimonial.” In other words www.LivDelicious.com uses testimonials after we discussed the implications with the client and received his or her permission. At any given time, the client has a right to ask for the testimonial to be removed, his/her name changed (for privacy protection reasons) and image displayed, or not.

Every person that spoke up about their experience with me, comes from different origins. Some are colleagues, some are paying clients, some attended my workshops, some watched my YouTube videos, some are connections via social media alone. And some are friends that I spoke with without any compensation. From the place of gratitude, they said few kind words.

Although their words are mostly happy, positive and optimistic, their results vary. Their situation changes and they might still be in a relationship, or decided to transit to new adventures. Since I can’t possibly follow up with all on a regular basics, the fact reported on the side (written by me) is the most accurate, to my current knowledge.

I have clients who openly and gladly tell their friends, family members and acquaintances that they are working with me or have worked with me in the past. They are not concerned about keeping that information private or confidential, and want to make sure that those who are not comfortable, rest assured of their privacy.

Thank you for being open to reality of this life. It’s a journey that I love taking together with you. You are encouraged to join in for the experience and fun.
Much love,
Helena Summer

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