2016 is a Blank Page.

What you will create on that canvas is what you have been creating on 2015’s canvas PLUS the new HABITS that you take on.

Your future self will not be some magically amazing 3D printed, unicorn version of a brand new you.

Your future self will be your current self. With NEW HABITS that you implement.

Here is a life hack – a super simple habit that will START a domino effect of something really cool!

I have been doing it since 2009. The video is filmed a year later, after I experienced incredible benefits:

* Decreased stress
* Refreshed mood
* Improved neck mobility
* Oxygenated, fresh and sharp brain function
* Circulation of blood in your face and head – fresh, healthy, Delicious glow
* Turns net-surfing into a self care routine

And if you take on just ONE habit  a day – THIS one is fun, easy, simple and SUPER effective.

Try it now, and share your experience.
Happy and energized NEW Habits to you, my dear, self made unicorn!

Much love,
Helena Summer

PS. You can also do it before you get on a date, while waiting in line and instead of fighting with your spouse 🙂