“Hey Helena,
Can you make a video on STD? I’m 37 and have had herpes for 4 years. Haven’t been dating much because of it. I’m at the place to settle down and have a family. I can offer a good life to someone, but I can’t offer her a healthy STD report.
How to talk about it without freaking them out? Thanks for all that you do.
Mr. B.T.”

Excellent question, excellent concern.
Thank you for being a responsible man! Yes, there are some really good quality men available and yes, nobody is perfect.  Video response is here:

There are so many resources for STD dating. From advice columns, medically based web sites to different STD dating sites.

Some of the classy and polite ways of sharing STD news with a potential partner is:
– do not disclose at the very first meeting
– equip yourself with knowledge and statistics
– bring updated information from your doctor
– when you realize partnership potential with both, before having sex share not that you “have and STD”, but that you carry a virus and share about how common it is, what are the cons, what are the chances for being spread onto another person
– AND offer them a time to think about if they want to be intimate with you or not

Keep getting informed, keep learning about human interaction and be the best possible man you can be. For yourself, for women and for humanity.

Please share your ideas and suggestions on how to approach this situation.