A few weeks ago, I had a session with a VERY high profile client – smart, educated, independent woman, who is also fun, beautiful and kind.

YES, a whole package woman. Pure 10.

….but she didn’t see those attributes in herself with the same glory as I saw them…

Instead, she had doubts and uncertainty about her desirability. She was trying to prove to me that she can’t be loved.  As our session progressed, I flat out said: “You sound like a high maintenance woman”

Mind me – she is one of the MOST helpful people you will ever meet. So, of course, she was surprised that I said that.

So, let’s talk about High-Value VS High Maintenance woman.
Spoiler: It has nothing to do with hair, nails or heels.

A High Value, High-Quality Woman knows 3 things:

1. She knows what she can offer to others, without burning herself up

2. She knows what she wants/needs for herself, in order to (not just) function, but to feel happy, satisfied and balanced

3. She knows that she is OK (and other people are OK), regardless of age, weight or income. She has the inner certainty and confidence because she spends time with her self and her desires. Unapologetically.

A High Maintenance woman, on the other side, knows:

1. She knows what she can offer to others…. and she keeps offering. But she doesn’t know when is enough. She doesn’t know when to stop. She ends up giving more than others can give, thus burdening them (and herself).

2. She (thinks she) knows what she wants, but doesn’t go for it. She tries to find out what other people want and tries to meet their needs first. She loves doing it for them. But she often feels burned out and exhausted from it. And yes, invisible and unappreciated too.

3. She believes that she will be OK when ‘everything lines up’. She thinks in a linear fashion. “When I lose weight, then I can fit into better clothes, then I can look better, then I can (maybe) have love.”

Which one would be more desirable to men?

Hint – men want to win with you. Which one of these two women offers an opportunity for a man to succeed with her?

….and I am happy to report that she TOTALLY mastered the difference. Now, she knows when it’s enough. She takes time for herself and she is even enjoying her time without doing-doing-doing.

Yes! Reclaiming your Femininity has so many benefits:
– You feel better about yourself
– The world starts showing you kinder side
– And you do see that LOVE IS MEANT FOR YOU too. It’s not some finite resource.

This is SUCH an important topic, so that I created a 30 day, online group program “Reclaim Your Femininity”. We are closed now, but if you are interested to join another program, please let me know, or schedule a conversation with me, so I can learn about you and – click Here to Schedule.

With All of my love,
Helena Summer