You have a great idea, but can’t get it across? Don’t know what to do with awkward and uncomfortable conversations? Wondering how to ask for what you need? What to do when they promise and don’t follow through?

Sunday, September 21st – 3-7:30 pm
Honolulu, location TBD

In this half-day workshop, we will practice five tools of communication:
– How to set a time to be fully heard
– Negotiation vs compromise
– What never to say
– How to fight in a classy way
– Non-verbal signs and gestures

We will practice “Uncomfortable Topic” formula. Bring your most frustrating and difficult examples. We will show you how to follow four specific steps to calm the fire and connect.

You will also learn:

* Why talking “equally” turns attraction off
* What to do when they promise, but don’t follow through (There is a “pressure” scale.  Not a jerky reaction that we later regret)
* Why nagging doesn’t work
* How to negotiate the terms of your relationship (time, space, money & play)
* To trust or not to trust?

Most of the questions that I got in the last few months were based on responding to situations. And getting your truth across peacefully:
“What do I do when he says….”
“What do I say if she…”
“How do I ask for…”

This will be intimate workshop. Safe and comfortable space. Everyone will get the time to clear their concerns. We will practice with each other. During the role play you will be in someone else’s shoes. To learn how to respond on the go, how to ask, how to embrace difficulties. Get ready for some fun time!


From a client who took this training in a 1 on 1 session:

“Thanks again for today! 
What you’re doing is genius. Many woman have no idea what they are doing in relationships and it starts off all sweet and great and it can easily get messed up if you don’t use a proper way of talking.”  (Britney, 27, Canada)”

See you on Sept 21st!
Honolulu. Specific location TBD
Much love,