Challenges and opportunities are – everywhere!
The difference is – when you are facing opportunities, stop, embrace them, take them on.
But when you are going through challenges – keep going, keep going, keep going….

Just when we had super sweet wedding and happy celebration, instead of a Honeymoon, miss Reality knocked on the door.
Time to move!

Away from Hawaii. Away from my soul home. Away from ALL of my comfort – physical (weather, nice apartment), mental (orientation, driving, knowing where is what), emotional (all of my aloha friends who have became as dear a family could be) … away from the source of my aliveness, into the unknown?

EFT Tapping to the rescue!
in the video bellow, you will learn 3 ways to use EFT for situations about moving.

What are some of your recent challenges that you used EFT on and cleared them all away? Did it work?
Please share your EFT tapping experience.

From my Croatian-Hawaiian-Texan heart to yours,