“Pretend that you love me…”
Not in some pathetic way.
Not in some “pretending” way.
In a flirty way!

Merriam-Webster’s definition of flirting is

: to behave as though attracted to, or trying to attract someone, but for amusement, rather than with serious intention

: to behave in a way that shows a sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously

: to think about something or become involved in something in a way that is usually not very serious

: to come close to reaching or experiencing something

3 Days Flirt Challenge:
Have an open mind. Flirt with LIFE – with children, elderly, trees, food, wind and sunshine!
Admire nature. Appreciate books. Swing with music. Enjoy!
Notice the spring in your step. Your smiles and warm fuzzy feeling. Notice aliveness and energy grow!
Works, huh?

Much flirtatious love from my flirty soul to yours 🙂
Helena Summer