So you think your single life sucks, then you find this great guy… and life becomes wonderful!!!!
…until you find out that your great guy is not so wonderful …
Then life sucks again?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.
Love, Dating, and relationships are the most Delicious form of Personal Development. They show us what we are made of. They show us our strength, our courage, our weakness and our divinity.

In this video, we are going deeper into some of the elements of it:

Yes,  dating AND relationships challenges are inevitable.
Resolving them increases our confidence, gives us renewed sense of self, opens up new possibilities, creates joy out of pain.
True story.

If you are struggling right now, with either being single or with your relationship, it’s time to get YOU back to YOU. No more waiting, no more time wasting. Let’s get you on a path that is fresh and open. Let’s feel at least slightly better.

Tell me about your situation here  – we will connect and have a private, intimate conversation about the challenges you feel that you can’t share with anyone else. You are NOT alone.

Much love,
Helena Summer