"...the world wants you, Helena - Your secrets, your wisdom, compassion and delicious approach to life..."

Mandy Evans, Author


"Talking with you always sets me on the path of ease..."

Some people awaken spiritually without meditation, church or spiritual teachings. All they have is a deep contact with special people.

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“Woman, basically, is very powerful when she is single. She looks like epitome of freedom. All the men want and desire her. They know that she can leave any time, so they treat her like a queen and want her to stay. Even a moment with her invites blessings.

When she is aware of her power, when she takes on a Liv Delicious attitude, she knows she can pick and choose, mix and match. Everything. Her clothes, her car, her food, her style, her man.  Women envy her, because she looks so free. But when they meet her, they love her; because she is the embodiment of their unexpressed truth, and she inspires them to love. Thus, when she shows up, the entire world is enlightened!”

Helena Summer

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