“What? You got married? Back in January? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret?……”
And many other similar questions bombarded me via private messages after I announced that we are married. Yup. Since January 23rd. Eight months of silence… but why?

There must be very important reason for it, right?

Now, the big, big, huge secret will get exposed….

Drumrol….. 🙂

No reason.
Yup. That’s the answer.
There is no specific reason why we didn’t announce. It wasn’t a “special secret”. It was just the way things rolled around for us.

Do you remember me talking about uncertain domestication issue of his work? How we moved from hotel room to another, every two weeks, for 4 months? How I was missing having a kitchen? We had a suitcase of clothes and a tooth brush.
Everything else was in the storage.
Frankly, it’s fun to have someone change your sheets and clean your bathroom! On yes!
And the million dollar Hawaii ocean view…. not much to complain about, right?

But if you really want a Sappy Love Story, here it is:

One evening,  maneuvering around small hotel room, my fiancé bumped into me and step on my foot,
I cried out: “Ouch!!!!”
He set me on the bed and started kissing my toe: “It’s all gonna be good….”
Me: “Oh my dear, are you always going to be so nice to me?”
Him: “Of course!”
Then he looked straight into my eyes, seriously focused.
Him: “Are you always going to be by my side, even if we live in hotel rooms indefinitely?”
Me: (in his voice and tone) “Of course!”
Him: “Some couples live in a big house, with walk-in closets and kitchen…. and they avoid each other. We still want to get married despite this, then we should. Every month in a hotel counts as a year of marriage.”

…and thus, they decided to sign a legal document and have a wedding ceremony at more “certain” time.
In the story called “Life”, certainity didn’t show up in February, March or April, not even in May when they moved into an apartment, June or July offered other things…. certainty is a form of illusion, they concluded. So they just lived happily ever after regardless….

Moral of the story: Often, there is just love and peace. There is no drama about it. Sensational marketing news are not always so sensational. Connection and peace often just is. Without big fanfare or paparazzi. Prepare for wedding day by preparing for years ahead first. Through good and the bad.

Question: Have you ever kept “a secret” for so long that it became awkward to say it out? Hit reply and let me know. I’ld love to hear some of your secrets:-)

Check out the FB post about it and all the flow of happy comments. Thank you dear friends!
Much love and warm hugs from us!