So, he loves you. You love him. Things are harmonious and lovely, most of the time.
Then, at some weird point he says something inconsiderate or lame.
Now, you are hurting. You feel unsafe and cautious.

Can’t relax about it.
Although he had all the right to do/say whatever he said, you are not comfortable with it. Although he is a great guy and you love him, you don’t LIKE him anymore. Something has changed. Now what?

Redirect the pain.

When there is mental pain, unease or anxiety about anything that he did (or he didn’t do), when you are expecting something you are not getting (affection, protection, apology or a text message), when you feel vulnerable to him, when you start thinking about other men who would do anything for a chance to cherish you, when you realize that you don’t want to put up with that anymore…. INSTEAD of whining, complaining or criticizing… REDIRECT THE PAIN.

Use your Duct-Tape Therapy and go to the gym! Work out hard, run 2-3 more minutes after you are already exhausted. Lift up those weights for 2-3 more times after you think you can’t anymore, hold that Yoga pose a little deeper and breathe through it.

Surprisingly so, your negative thoughts about it have soften up. Yes!
In only 25 minutes a day, you CAN make your relationships much more Delicious.
Here are 4 simple reasons:

1. Exercise releases “happy” hormones

Serotonin & dopamine are now reversing the effects of stress and you do feel good, even invincible (when exercise becomes your habit). When blood starts flowing to your brain, oxygenating it, those stressful thoughts just soften up and diminish. Pain of your emotions is redirected to the body and it turns out into a pleasure. Cool, huh?

2. Makes you smarter

Yes. It improves learning. Now, all those relationship books that you are reading make more sense and you are actually “getting” it. After all, smart is sexy.
WARNING! Don’t attempt to show of that you are smarter than your man. Men love competition with other men, but not with their woman. Learn things for yourself, because mentally-intellectually fit woman is hot!

3. Builds your self esteem & confidence

Think of the most confident people you know. They love exercise.  Right?
Think of the least confident people you know. They love sitting around, worrying about stuff. Right?
Using body, utilizing your own power, makes you remember who you are – Loving, fun, happy and Delicious woman. You deserve the best you you can have. Your man does too. And if he can’t appreciate it, don’t worry, 4 Man Plan is always here!

4. Keeps your bootie hot! Keeps your weight off!

Men fall in love with their eyes. There is something sexy about a woman who looks pretty with all of her clothes and make up on, ESPECIALLY when she takes it all off, because the essence of her beauty is from within. Sparkling glow, toned body, healthy energy… Yum! That’s Delicious!

PS. IF you really want a “sweet revenge” – looking good does it!
One Delicious thing you can do is – get a “Little Deeper Yoga Cushion” that will help your yoga poses be more comfortable during day time, and your love making be unusually satisfying, during the night!
If you are in a relationship, exercising 25 minutes a day WILL make your relationship healthier, happier and sexier.
If you are single, exercising just 25 minutes a day WILL give you “the guts” to do 4 Man Plan and choose the best candidate for yourself.
If you are having problems with friends, coworkers, family members or neighbors, exercise WILL help you adress it, deal with it and clear in a classy, elegant way.

Do you exercise? How often? What do you do? Have you noticed that it helps your life AND your relationships?