Lonely in your Relationship?

Quick Hello!

One lady, just recently, wanted to talk about men, relationships, and sex. She said:

“We used to have so much fun, so much sex, so much connection… And now? Nothing! ¬†I’m really sad. I miss our fun time. How the heck did we go from Flirting every day, to Fighting every day?”

You know that feeling?
Together […]

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Oops! You messed up a relationship! Now what?

Believe it or not, ¬†although I am a Love Coach, expert in Dating, Relationships, and Love…. I am still, just a regular human. I keep learning.

Lexi, my darling husband is a finite, failable human too. Just like any other man. He screws things up. And HERE Is how he corrects them.

Listen to this 2-minute wisdom […]

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Before-After pic of my 13 day Fat loss

In less than two weeks, I visibly transformed my back fat.

Now, what’s that got to do with Love, Dating or Relationships?


You see, if you are single or married, there is a point of “What’s happening to me? or Why are we fighting all the time? or Why am I still single?”

Those are the moments of […]

The Secret to Beauty

Here is a short speech I have given on Miss Teen Hawaii Pageant, back in 2009 when I was an emcee of the event.

I saw these young ladies in the back room and I discovered THE secret to beauty.

…. and now, comment below to let me know if we are on the same page?
What is […]

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Mini Challenge – It will “change” men around you!

This story of my cleaning lady and a husband she wanted to “kill” will refresh your mind and open your heart.

And the MINI CHALLENGE that I’m inviting you into, is something I used to melt my husbands heart.

YES! You are invited!
Let’s get this appreciation, gratitude and love going. Let’s be the change we want to […]