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War is Hell

Dear War Supporters,

If you don’t know a smell of burning house, in your neighborhood…. or burning village that you used to buy fresh eggs from…
If your grandmothers house has never been bombed,
If your twin sister hasn’t been separated from you,
If your brother hasn’t spend 4 years on a front line,
If you haven’t traded gold rings […]

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Going Through Challenges?

Challenges andĀ opportunities are – everywhere!
The difference is – when you are facing opportunities, stop, embrace them, take them on.
But when you are going through challenges – keep going, keep going, keep going…. […]

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Confession: Why I didn’t announce my marriage?

“What? You got married? Back in January? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret?……”
And many other similar questions bombarded me via private messages after I announced that we are married. Yup. Since January 23rd. Eight months of silence… but why?


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Invitation to Yucatan Experience

Years ago, most Self Development seminars were presented in the big air conditioned conference rooms. Today, I will invite you to practical life-experience-fun adventure that is empowering, interesting and pleasant at the same time. […]

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Ask Helena 5 – What if swearing can enhance your life?

My father had dirty potty mouth, so I declared to the Universe that I will never, ever do the same. I will be clean, pure and different than he was. Sounds familiar? […]

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