Respect your man

Your man needs sex. 
Did you know that he also, on very similar level, needs your respect?
Yup. True story. […]

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Until HE asks for exclusivity, date multiple men! Why?

If you are new to dating, use good ole (proven!) 4 Men Plan. Date multiple men at the same time, explore your options, keep your knees together and see how classy, lovely and desirable you become.

Do it until one of them INITIATES exclusive romantic relationship with you.



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Sexy Tool to Clear Your Relationship Issues in 25 minutes a Day

So, he loves you. You love him. Things are harmonious and lovely, most of the time.
Then, at some weird point he says something inconsiderate or lame.
Now, you are hurting. You feel unsafe and cautious.


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5 Benefits of “Duct Tape Therapy”

Silence is Golden.
Duct tape is Silver.


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“The 4 Man Plan” it’s not just fun, clean and simply mathematical way of increasing your chances to find the RIGHT man for you. It’s much more than that. The 4 Man Plan is the way of structuring your entire life!


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“I can’t date until I lose weight” myth

Who would want me? I have cellulite. My tights are too big. I have double chin. I’m a size XXL.
Yes and? So what?


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Ask Helena 4 – How do I get the Universe to sent me that guy again?

“Hi Helena,
My friend Emily is absolutely in love with you after watching the Aujuru drink video you posted on my page.
Today I ran into a guy at the restaurant and we starred at each other for like 10 seconds. He seemed like he was on a first date with a girl and not really into her. I am asking the Universe that we run into each other again. Are there any techniques to do that?”


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Ask Helena 3 – I lost my job. How do I prepare sisters wedding?

Hey Helena,
I need your help as I have recently lost a job and have many responsibilities, 1st getting my little sister married. Hence I need wealth to ensure I do it, Please help.
Bruno […]

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Ask Helena 1 “…I cannot make any friends… HELP!!!”

Episode 1 – “How to create friendships…”

This first episode was prerecorded as a personal response to someone who was asking several questions on YouTube.  Here is the part of the original email: […]

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5 Reasons Why Making Love increases Productivity & Happiness

In this demanding world, we are all bombarded by many engagements in life. For singles, this is somewhat tolerable as you’ve got no one to share your attention with. But for married people, be alert! Your partner needs you so much. […]

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