Why is Food best Metaphor for Love?

In Croatia, we compare everything to food. Even love. Ie. when you are flirting with someone, we call it “secerenje” or “sugaring”, putting sugar all over, dipping it into sugar. When you are pursuing someone, we say “I’m cooking her”.  When you fall in love, we say “I’m cooked.”  Why is that?

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30 Super-Delicious Dates

What a month!!!
August is my month of cleansing and self care. This August, I did something really special. I had more than 30 dates in 30 days and most enriching month ever. Love was pouring in my world from every direction, even when I was not consciously aware of it. […]

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A Partner you must Date

Would you like to have a Date this weekend? Comforting Date with a partner who WILL listen to you and have no judgments? A partner that will be there and give you everything regardless of your looks, bank account, age or religious preference? […]

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Dating Class for girls only? Why?

Female and Male brains are functioning in a different way.  Also, with the whole Cinderella story, we were trained to be in competition with other girls (our step sisters!!!) in order to win the Prince. Of course, that’s worth it, since he is so handsome and […]

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“How to ‘cook’ your date” workshop? Oh my!

With no kitchen and no cooking skills – how likely is that you will kau-kau*?
(*Kau-Kau – Hawaiian for ‘Eat”)
With no dating readiness and no dating skills – how likely is that you will mieow-mieow*?
(*Mieow-Mieow – Helenian for “lovey-dovey in the bedroom”) […]

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“I am not going out with my girlfriends anymore! I am not going out at all, why bother?” That’s what I just heard from the beautiful, smart, ambitious woman in her 30-es. She is one of the beautiful, lovely and self-sufficient ladies that has it all. All – besides husband or […]

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How do you speak Love?

The question is not if you speak love. You do! The question is How. What’s your love language? If you have been having fun dating (or suffering dating) it would be even more fun (and less suffering) when you found out what your Love Language is. […]

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