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Funny EFT Tapping – self-rejection, identity loss, anger

This is from one of my group classes, from 7 years ago!

My client Margaret was experiencing a serious problem of anger and identity loss. Watch us go through tears to liberation. You will love how adorable and funny she is.

“Amazing video! I was looking for an EFT resource to help me deal with fear of […]

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HELP! I Got Negative Energy Attack!

“Helena, I have a question, if you can help me.
What to do when somebody transfers his/her negative energy and negativism to you? And when you feel actual physical symptoms of it, such as a cramp in your stomach and heavy pressure in your chest?”


Before & After (Inner Makeover)

Straight to the Question I got last week.
YouTube viewer writes:

“Hi there, I saw your video about feeling ugly and changing your mind. You know exactly how I feel. One difference. You are beautiful and I am not. However, perhaps you have  some insight on how I can change my ugly thinking… thoughts?” […]

Activate Unexpected Happy Surprises

Once I saw a sign: “I thought I rescued my dog, until I realized that he rescued me”. Hm… Cute, I thought, but not my reality. […]

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Going Through Challenges?

Challenges and opportunities are – everywhere!
The difference is – when you are facing opportunities, stop, embrace them, take them on.
But when you are going through challenges – keep going, keep going, keep going…. […]

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How to ground your energy quickly

Sometimes, all we want to do is – feel a little better. Just a little.
When we are about to blow up, or dump it all at our partner, co-worker or even a child, we don’t have time for long meditation, right?


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5 tips to look at sequestration positively?

“There is no more money and “they” will change the way things are. We will get less work. We will get less money. We are living paycheck to paycheck already. How can we cope with it?…”

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Invitation to Yucatan Experience

Years ago, most Self Development seminars were presented in the big air conditioned conference rooms. Today, I will invite you to practical life-experience-fun adventure that is empowering, interesting and pleasant at the same time. […]

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Fears, Frustations, Unease & Hesitations that I faced in 2012

2012 was certainly the hardest year of my life. Besides the Croatian Independence war in 1991 (when I lost everything and became a refugee teenager).
Just when I thought hard life is over and I worked persistently to create wonderful and super Delicious experiences; Three major things happened, all in the same week: […]

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That “special someone” and cheating

When we are single and get tired from dating multiple people, we dream, wish and long for one serious committed relationship. It sounds so sweet in our mind and we are imagining happily ever after. “Oh, how lovely it would be if only I find that special someone…” […]

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