5 Benefits of “Duct Tape Therapy”

Silence is Golden.
Duct tape is Silver.


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“The 4 Man Plan” it’s not just fun, clean and simply mathematical way of increasing your chances to find the RIGHT man for you. It’s much more than that. The 4 Man Plan is the way of structuring your entire life!


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If You Want To Ruin Your (dating) Life – Have Expectations

“You are a man, I thought men don’t cry.”
“You are a doctor, how come you get sick?”
“What??? I thought girls don’t poop!” […]

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“I can’t date until I lose weight” myth

Who would want me? I have cellulite. My tights are too big. I have double chin. I’m a size XXL.
Yes and? So what?


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Fears, Frustations, Unease & Hesitations that I faced in 2012

2012 was certainly the hardest year of my life. Besides the Croatian Independence war in 1991 (when I lost everything and became a refugee teenager).
Just when I thought hard life is over and I worked persistently to create wonderful and super Delicious experiences; Three major things happened, all in the same week: […]

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Dating Recipe – How to talk about “Touchy” things without sounding angry or bitter

QUESTION: “Dear Helena, when it comes to online dating, is sex an immediate and non-stop topic of negotiation? I’m feeling like I am holding back a pack of wolves sometimes. Every time I try to say it, it comes out angry and/or bitter. Any tips? Tricks?”

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Why is Food best Metaphor for Love?

In Croatia, we compare everything to food. Even love. Ie. when you are flirting with someone, we call it “secerenje” or “sugaring”, putting sugar all over, dipping it into sugar. When you are pursuing someone, we say “I’m cooking her”.  When you fall in love, we say “I’m cooked.”  Why is that?

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30 Super-Delicious Dates

What a month!!!
August is my month of cleansing and self care. This August, I did something really special. I had more than 30 dates in 30 days and most enriching month ever. Love was pouring in my world from every direction, even when I was not consciously aware of it. […]

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