Effective Online Dating Profile Masterclass

Online dating!
Modern, strange, fast, safe, common, weird, but reliable way of meeting hundreds of singles. From e-Harmony to Match, to FaceBook…. all the way to Craigslist (yup! even Craigslist). There are specific formulas and ways to meet people. Effective profile has all the secret ingredients. […]

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Event For Singles – Dating is like a box of Chocolates


– Dating is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get! –

Join us for a FREE preview to an Effective Dating Profile Masterclass Series.   […]

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…My husband doesn’t love me anymore…

“…He doesn’t want me to get what I want. He is ignoring me. He thinks I’m fat. He doesn’t bring me chocolates anymore…. He doesn’t love me….”
These are four real life examples, that I have heard from four different women, in the past two days.


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Seminar: Levels of intimacy

His warm hand on the small of your back, guiding you gently (yet firmly) through the crowd. Unexpected touch as we share popcorn while watching a movie. Playful teasing. Light conversation that continues till sunrise….. is often more intimate than…. you know… […]

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Seminar: Dating Strategies for Singles

Being single is not a cardinal sin…. it’s ok to be single…. until it’s not ok – with you. Your friends are going out, having fun, breaking up, getting married and you are still in the same old same old situation?


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Love Delicious Seminars

“I wish there is a seminar my wife and I can just show up and learn about relationships”, someone told me recently, “You should start teaching in Honolulu”. Yes, let’s make it happen! August is the perfect time for summer-time love classes.


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Dating is Halloween

Halloween party – a sea of  Superheroes, Kings, Politicians, Scary Monsters, Mermaids and Sexy Goddesses.
Online dating sites – a sea of the same mythical creatures.

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Online Dating Intensive – 1 semester to fill up your dance card


The time has come – to get our graphs full of great Quality men, people who are the right match for you. In this INTENSIVE Online Dating Series, you will learn how to present your best (and worst) qualities on the Online Profile that will actually energize, refresh… […]

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Until HE asks for exclusivity, date multiple men! Why?

If you are new to dating, use good ole (proven!) 4 Men Plan. Date multiple men at the same time, explore your options, keep your knees together and see how classy, lovely and desirable you become.

Do it until one of them INITIATES exclusive romantic relationship with you.



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Why Date People You Have NO CHEMISTRY With?

Remember a date with a guy you had no chemistry with and you never wanted to see him again? Although he is “nice”, he is not your type, conversation is kinda boring and you are “done”.
Well, here are few reasons WHY “Duty Dating” works and WHY Chemistry” could be just a Shmemistry.


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