3 ways to Speak Powerfully about yourself

When facing new, unfamiliar or intimidating situations,  (as well as intimidating, arrogant  or “higher class” people) we tend to shrink and “be humble” or submissive. That’s nice. Nice. But not valuable. Not productive. Not Delicious. […]

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EFT Tapping Script – Something is wrong with me!

We all suck at something. As we learn new skills, be it cooking, surfing or dating, we make mistakes, it’s hard, complicated and at some point, mind is convinced that something is wrong with you. With who you are. […]

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5 Reasons Why Making Love increases Productivity & Happiness

In this demanding world, we are all bombarded by many engagements in life. For singles, this is somewhat tolerable as you’ve got no one to share your attention with. But for married people, be alert! Your partner needs you so much. […]

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ALERT! Being nice negatively affects your self esteem!

Yes, it does. Being nice negatively affects not only your self esteem, but also your body, your confidence, your weight, your relationship and your career. All of it. […]

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Better than Good Enough?

Beautiful late summer day in tropical Hawaii. Light breeze, blue ocean, pleasing sunshine, fresh fruit, fresh air, friends & chocolate… hmmm…
Life couldn’t be better, right?
Wrong! […]

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