Straight to the Question I got last week.
YouTube viewer writes:

“Hi there, I saw your video about feeling ugly and changing your mind. You know exactly how I feel. One difference. You are beautiful and I am not. However, perhaps you have  some insight on how I can change my ugly thinking… thoughts?”

Yes! I got many insights and thoughts on this one, for I have “owned” BDD (Body Dysmorphia). And it was connected to ugly experiences in life, ugly beliefs and ugly stinkin’ thinking.

We agreed to speak – heart to heart, face to face. We had our “First Impression Session”. We got on Skype and had soft, deep and meaningful conversation. Some tears, some smiles, some peaceful insights too. We touched upon childhood memories as well as current dating situation.
– We did EFT Tapping to experience immediate energy transformation
– We found next steps that she can do to move forward graciously
And it was all smooth, practical and easy.

Next day, she sent me a lovely email. Here is the excerpt:

“I have felt a shift I have never felt before… I don’t know if it is only a hope but I am going to hold onto that hope for dear life.
It is an understanding into what self-love is that no one has been able to get me to understand before (the dog analogy) and that life can & will happen as it does, but I can respond to it from an injured place or a happy place.
Thank you- you have made a difference”


Just in case you too, could be feeling weird, anxious or hopeless about certain things in your life and haven’t reached out to anyone yet, I want you to know that I’m here for you. With you.
Dating stories, relationship pain, emotions we “should” hide and lack of practical actions we can take, can contribute to all kinds of discomfort and self doubt.And we can make a shift, just like my YouTube viewer did.

This is a sweet invitation for you – come, connect and talk to me. Although we “know” each other through writing, we still didn’t make first “in person” impression.
So, click here and connect with me for our first impression session. It could be simply Delicious! And yes, The talk is at no cost to you, totally complementary… You are welcome 🙂

Much love, always,