“It’s easy for you Helena. You are this beautiful blonde chick, of course you have a great husband!”


Let’s talk ‘easy’:


1. Thank you for the compliment
(RECEIVING is a skill I had to learn and still learning)


2. My father was vicious and brutal.
My mom finally divorced when I was 13.
War started in my country of Croatia when I was 15.
I ran away from refugee camp and became a nun.
To never have do deal with men, wars and cruelty.
(FEELING SAFE is a skill I had to learn and still learning)


3. Appearing “blonde and beautiful” with crappy boundaries that I had, caused pain, insult and abuse.
(BOUNDARIES are a skill I had to learn and still learning)


4. Many, I mean MANY men stood me up and never showed up on a date.
Many never called back.
Many flat out lied.
Many liked me as their “accessory”, but didn’t care about my heart, my passion or my Liv Delicious mission.
Many never asked about my story or showed interest in who I am as a person.
(LETTING GO is a skill I had to learn and still learning)


5. I went on dates with much older men, much younger men, much heavier men, much shorter men… Men of all colors, backgrounds and financial statuses.
(DIGGING FOR GOLD OF THE HEART is a skill I had to learn too)


6. For 30+ years I believed I was ugly.

I broke 7 mirrors because I hated seeing my reflection.
Now I know, I was not ugly.

My thoughts were ugly.

My beliefs were ugly. My mindset was ugly.
(CLEARING ENERGY is a skill I had to learn also)









7. And yes, I have an amazing husband, because I divorced two. Went on dates with 500+, read relationships books, studied with mentors, worked on myself and invested more money than I want to admit for self development and inner work.
I was a mess.
Yes, born in a pretty package, but I have NOTHING to do with it. It’s a DNA and chemical composition…. which, without lessons above, would remain a curse.
(UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE who judge me is a skill I had to learn and still learning)


8. And you think that a high quality men, who became amazing husbands are interested in mere “slim, beautiful blonde”???

No, my dear, NO.


High quality men want a woman who  has is all -woman who has beauty, brain, class and skills. A woman who knows how to be a partner. Who knows how to respect, appreciate and support her man in his mission. A woman who is willing to BE there for a relationship. Willing to step up for herself, willing to have her own life, interests and friends. A woman who is not afraid to glow, radiate, smile, be happy ….. and shut up when needed.


Learn to receive, learn to let go, learn boundaries, learn that you are beautiful, learn to look for the good in people, learn to clear your energy, learn who men are, what they need and how to give it to them…  Invest in your growth, in books, seminars and years of coaching  FIRST…. then tell me that I have it easy!

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