Dog is not just a pet. A partner is not just a spouse.
They are our teachers in life. They are here to show us who we are deep inside. They are here to help us became better in more ways than we can imagine.

Here are 5 lessons my dog Buddha, the Shar Pei, though me about relationships:

1. You can put a leash (or a ring) on it, but you can never really “own” it. 
2. Even if you are looking for a tall, dark, exciting and handsome one, the ugly-hippo-looking, pig-like-snorting peaceful creature can make an incredible partner. 
3. Kind words, positivity and a little treat go a very long way. 
4. If you aren’t willing to give it time & energy, do not commit for years of a partnership. 
5. Life is sweeter together.

QUESTION: What has your pet taught you about love and life? Please feel free to ad onto the list!