Silence is Golden.
Duct tape is Silver.


When a quality man you love does 10 000 wonderful things for you and at some point makes one “wrong” decision (because he is tired, hungry, needs his space or simply busy with his life purpose), keeping your mouth shout and not complaining about him, has multiple benefits:

1. Makes you look supportive, kind and understanding.
(And due to the practice of the Duct tape Therapy, you actually became so too). Please remember, every man prefers a woman who “pretends” to respect him more than a woman who disrespects him “honestly”.

2. Increases his desire to be your man. He has been your man in 10 000 different occasions. Probably, his intentions are to remain so. Allow him to be your man. Use duct tape and remember how wonderful he actually is.

3. Makes you look sexy. Not because he has some weird duct tape fetish, but because a nagging, bitching and complaining woman reminds him of his mother or his ex or someone else who is not sexually attractive to him. In other words – shut up, smile and look pretty.

4. Gives you good night sleep, after good night sex. If you nag, it’s more likely that you will temporarily feel better, but guilty later. He will step back and retrive into his safe space (inner cage) and
there will be no good night sex. You could end up wondering and regretting all night long.

5. Makes you stand out. In the sea of self-entitled divas who expect a man to be Superman while they squish his balls publicly, you will be fun, happy, supportive and quiet. Remember that he is not a complete idiot,  and use the duct tape to keep your mouth shout. Find things about him that you actually like, remember the ways he cares about you and let go of your need to mother a man you love romantically.

He is a man, not a toy.
He is your man, not your girlfriend.
He is your lover, not your toddler.
He is the one you love, not the one you hate.

Behave accordingly and you WILL have a lovely, Delicious life.

PS. Please share your experience. Is silence Golden? Have you nagged for no reason and got your man to leave because  he can never make you happy?  Do you enjoy respecting your man silently?

PS.2. Same works the other way around. Use Duct Tape when you are tempted to comment about her looks, weight, age…. or compare her beauty with that hottie in a short skirt crossing the street.

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