It sucks!
You heard it. Or hey, you might have even experienced the pain yourself!

On the other side, you have seen happy couples, totally balanced and content together, and they met online too.

How the heck they made it work? What can I do???

1. Talk to the man you want, not to the losers!
If your profile says ANYTHING like “If you are just about partying, move on!” , ” Not interested in game playing, I want a serious thing.”, “My friend said to try online dating, she found a husband this way”, “………, ……..   …..     ………. ………” —> something so not memorable, something so boring or dry, the right person will NOT be interested. You don’t want to turn of people, right? You are probably fun in many ways. So don’t let your profile be loser attracting snore-fest!

Yes, became unavailable to losers, by rising your standard of self expression!

2. Write flavorfully, not dull!
Most female profiles are very similar “I hike, bike and do yoga. Enjoying my work, traveling & good food. I’m looking for a good man, friends first. And this is the picture of my new puppy.”


How about this: “I am so happy moving my body. Yoga in the nature…. mmmm… Imagine this –  Katy trail. You. Your bike. Me & my green “Zeus” (yeah, it has it’s own nick name). I fell in love with Tokyo, on my trip in 2012, but not its food.
The right man for me would be my man… and my friend. If you are that man, you’ll not only get my kisses, but also kisses from my new Shar Pei, Buddha”

3. Get active!
Yes. Search through profiles. Like them, smile, wink and make them your favorite. That will give them a chance to see that you are interested and encourage them to write to you. Yeah, I know, it’s not old school. It’s called “signaling”. You don’t have to reach out with dinner invitation first, but you do have to actively signal your interest.

These 3 tips alone, would make a big difference.
Hint – Dating is waaay more than just online profile, so, I am creating a course in online dating + MUCH more.
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