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Weird – Find Love on Craig’s List???

Craigslist???? You mean Craigslist, the place where we sell used cars and look for rentals apartment? You can find love there? No way!!! YES WAY. And here is how: […]

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Effective Online Dating Profile Masterclass

Online dating!
Modern, strange, fast, safe, common, weird, but reliable way of meeting hundreds of singles. From e-Harmony to Match, to FaceBook…. all the way to Craigslist (yup! even Craigslist). There are specific formulas and ways to meet people. Effective profile has all the secret ingredients. […]

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Event For Singles – Dating is like a box of Chocolates


– Dating is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get! –

Join us for a FREE preview to an Effective Dating Profile Masterclass¬†Series. ¬† […]

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…My husband doesn’t love me anymore…

“…He doesn’t want me to get what I want. He is ignoring me. He thinks I’m fat. He doesn’t bring me chocolates anymore…. He doesn’t love me….”
These are four real life examples, that I have heard from four different women, in the past two days.


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