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Why giving a second chance can make you happier

Only some of have “black or white” understanding of the world. The remaining majority prefers to see other colors of the spectrum too. 3/4 are willing to be agreeable, open and forgiving. Yet, many think these qualities are weaknesses. Not so.


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Confession: Why I didn’t announce my marriage?

“What? You got married? Back in January? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret?……”
And many other similar questions bombarded me via private messages after I announced that we are married. Yup. Since January 23rd. Eight months of silence… but why?


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A Love Delicious Workshop!

You have a great idea, but can’t get it across? Don’t know what to do with awkward and uncomfortable conversations? Wondering how to ask for what you need? What to do when they promise and don’t follow through? […]

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