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Seminar: Levels of intimacy

His warm hand on the small of your back, guiding you gently (yet firmly) through the crowd. Unexpected touch as we share popcorn while watching a movie. Playful teasing. Light conversation that continues till sunrise….. is often more intimate than…. you know… […]

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Seminar: Are you listening?

Remember that feeling when you are talking about something very important … and he is “kinda” listening, but he is not hearing you?

Remember that feeling when she goes on and on and on…. and although you love her, all you really want is for her to stop talking and leave you alone? […]

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Seminar: Dating Strategies for Singles

Being single is not a cardinal sin…. it’s ok to be single…. until it’s not ok – with you. Your friends are going out, having fun, breaking up, getting married and you are still in the same old same old situation?


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