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If You Want To Ruin Your (dating) Life – Have Expectations

“You are a man, I thought men don’t cry.”
“You are a doctor, how come you get sick?”
“What??? I thought girls don’t poop!” […]

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“I can’t date until I lose weight” myth

Who would want me? I have cellulite. My tights are too big. I have double chin. I’m a size XXL.
Yes and? So what?


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3 reasons to stop pressuring your Future Self

Hooray! It’s a New Year!
I will loose weight, go to the gym every day! I will clear my debt. I will fix those things around the house. I will stop procrastinating. I will spend more time with family and friends. I will quit smoking. I will quit drinking. I will be a ¬†better parent….

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