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Alkistis, The Golden Goddess just interviewed me for her show. So much fun to meet her!
How does it get even better than that?

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Dating Class for girls only? Why?

Female and Male brains are functioning in a different way.  Also, with the whole Cinderella story, we were trained to be in competition with other girls (our step sisters!!!) in order to win the Prince. Of course, that’s worth it, since he is so handsome and […]

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“How to ‘cook’ your date” workshop? Oh my!

With no kitchen and no cooking skills – how likely is that you will kau-kau*?
(*Kau-Kau – Hawaiian for ‘Eat”)
With no dating readiness and no dating skills – how likely is that you will mieow-mieow*?
(*Mieow-Mieow – Helenian for “lovey-dovey in the bedroom”) […]

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