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NEW! Get your Questions Answered!

New cool feature! Just for you! Since I have been getting lots of personal messages with the request “can you please make a video about…” I have created the “Dear Helena” section when you can ask me what your heart desires and I will answer in the video post for you and others to benefit from.

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Ask Helena 2 – How to develop intuition

“Dear Helena,
How do I trust and develop my intuition, how do I recognize what choice is better for me?”

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Oct 22 2011

Going to Palm Springs! to study with Mandy Evans

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Testimonials 07

“As we talked about; the world wants you,Helena, Your secrets, your wisdom, compassion, humor and delicious approach to life. Me too!”


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Ask Helena 1 “…I cannot make any friends… HELP!!!”

Episode 1 – “How to create friendships…”

This first episode was prerecorded as a personal response to someone who was asking several questions on YouTube.  Here is the part of the original email: […]

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5 Reasons Why Making Love increases Productivity & Happiness

In this demanding world, we are all bombarded by many engagements in life. For singles, this is somewhat tolerable as you’ve got no one to share your attention with. But for married people, be alert! Your partner needs you so much. […]

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3 Books you must have when sh*t hits the fan

Often, when fan is hit by the sh*t, all we need is a little shift. Shift in perspective. When it feels that the soul is hungry for help, for wisdom, for support and new insights the best food is right there, on the bookshelf. […]

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ALERT! Being nice negatively affects your self esteem!

Yes, it does. Being nice negatively affects not only your self esteem, but also your body, your confidence, your weight, your relationship and your career. All of it. […]

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Loving way to calm your Inner Critic

Do you really love me?
Where is this relationship going?
What if you leave me?

These kinds of questions are NOT very Delicious, they usually bring pain, anxiety and stress. […]

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The 4th Perspective you MUST have to deepen relationships

Opinions are like … foreheads. Everyone has one. No matter how wrinkled, short, long or tattooed, we got it.

Opinion. Perspective. Belief.
They define us, make us unique or blend us in with the certain group of people. We like to […]

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