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Once upon a time, in the country of Croatia (formerly known as Yugoslavia), there was a girl… But before that, she was just a pain in… her mother’s womb.

Yes, you are right – it was me! (Oh boy, how I love talking  about me, I wonder if anyone really reads bios… hm… if you really […]

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Fear of speaking Angleesh

Welcome to the USA!

What are people more afraid of than death?

Fear of public speaking!

(Well, I don’t really believe that statistic anymore. I just believe that more people were ask to speak in public than to die.)

Here is a wonderful example of multiple aspects and core issues that were easily resolved – just with the help […]

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My Feelosophy

For some unexplained reason,  I ‘feel’ the energy people emanate and it has always been more important than the words they say. Feelings and heart are more valuable than thoughts and shiny words. Thus, there is a hart based ‘Feelosophy’ that I developed.

Whatever your situation, your circumstances or dreams might be at this point – […]

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Don’t click here!

So, You are the type of person who wants to live life according to your own rules!

You prefer to do what you want – not what others tell you!
You like a life of fun!
You don’t play by rules; you make your own!

You are either just a curious little fox and you simply think outside of […]

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Delicious Quiz

How Delicious are you?

If you are wondering your personal Deliciousness, this quiz will reveal the truth.

Chose one of the answers and … Have fun!!!

When do you feel your best?

In the morning, when I have my coffee
When I put a banana on someone else’s chair (and see them sit on it)
I always feel my best! No […]

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Dear Helena,Thanks for your kind and delicious thank you. You are an exceptional person and it was an honor for me to be a guest on your show. The energy that you give is simply amazing.

Wally Amos

….Helena is the perfect coach for anyone who wants to thrive….Helena combines her bold and […]

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What is LivDelicious?

The “Liv Delicious” movement is all about genuinely loving the life you live. It is the spark, aliveness and fun in life. When you make a bread, salt is actually less than 1% of all ingredients, but it is 100% of the flavor.  Work, Family, Dreams and Goals would have no flavor if there wouldn’t […]

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Mission statement

Liv Delicious™ is a way of inspiring, supporting, educating, and contributing to communities. It brings purpose and passion by using Quantum Physics, Energy Psychology, EFT, NLP and good all Hugs – based upon the principles of Law of Attraction and Law of Love.

Vision: We are organized internationally with a “108 cheeky things” that bring joy, […]

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